The Geneva School of Manhattan follows a classical model of education.

The classical curriculum allows students to accumulate knowledge earlier than would be accomplished in most other educational formats.

Based on the Trivium Model

The classical education trivium (literally “three roads”) begins in the grammar phase, typically Kindergarten through Fourth Grade (our Lower School).

Grammar Phase

The grammar years provide the building blocks of the classical foundation. Information and memorization is taught through songs, rhymes, and poetry.

Logic or Dialectic Phase

In the Logic phase, usually Fifth through Eighth Grades, students begin to think critically about the facts they have learned and are able to apply knowledge, historical context, and fine points of logic. In the Seventh and Eighth Grades, special emphasis is placed on the development of oratory skills.

Rhetoric Phase

In the Rhetoric phase, students develop exceptional writing and oratory abilities. The Geneva School of Manhattan offers Preschool through Eighth Grade, giving students an expansive and impressive knowledge base to carry them through their high school years.

Classical education has worked best for centuries because it corresponds to the way in which young minds develop. It delivers an extensive knowledge base to students which gives them the confidence to excel in any field that they choose.

In each grade, students are assessed individually so that teachers may:

  • Develop customized homework to further challenge students
  • Create individual assignments and classroom projects to encourage student curiosity
  • Enrich the school day through various in-class and after-school activities that support their unique talents and provide opportunities for personal growth

Beginning in 2009, Geneva School transitioned to using Singapore math as its mathematics curriculum, making it one of the first schools in the city to do so. Singapore math is widely known around the world for producing superior math test scores; it teaches fewer subjects with the goal of completion, versus the spiral approach of other math programs. Furthermore, it adapts well to gifted and talented students, allowing them to delve deeper into mathematical studies instead of reviewing and learning in the more lateral math methodology. (This article in New York Times highlights the advantages of Singapore math.)

Geneval School graduates have been accepted to top high schools in New York City and are highly sought after by elite high schools in Manhattan. In fact, it is common for our Administration to hear comments such as this one from the Admissions Officer at one of the city's most desired all-girls schools:

"We love Geneva School students. We know that all Geneva students come to our school prepared to learn and with a strong background in all subjects. They are mature and always add so much to our community."