New york city engagement

We are a school in the city, for the city.

Geneva School students at New York City museum
Our location in the heart of Manhattan is a gift and an opportunity. We seek to take full advantage of the world-class museums, art, music, and culture in New York City while also serving as a blessing to our city.
Geneva School students outside on field trip

New York City is an extension of our classroom.

In addition to experiential learning within the classroom, we take full advantage of the opportunities afforded us by living in a global city center. Field trips are planned by the classroom teacher to correspond to the particular field of study and curriculum. For instance, Second Grade students studying Egyptian history will visit the Egyptian wing at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Third Grade students studying medieval art and architecture make stone carvings and illuminated manuscripts at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Upper School students are able to explore within and beyond the boundaries of New York City, visiting Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington, DC, to supplement their studies in American history and government.  

We seek to bless and serve our city neighbors.

Lower and Upper School students participate in a variety of opportunities to serve our community. Upper School students travel each month to A House on Beekman in the South Bronx, where they partner with preschool students as reading buddies and in outdoor play. Additionally, we seek to serve our city neighbors by offering concerts, performances, and parent education events.

Even in a big city, families find meaningful community at Geneva School.

Finding authentic community can be difficult in New York City. Geneva School families reflect the rich diversity of the city and represent many racial identities, socioeconomic backgrounds, church traditions, and city boroughs. They all find common ground at Geneva School through a shared faith in Jesus Christ and a desire for a rich learning experience for their children. Many School families form deep friendships that provide support, encouragement, and partnership in the unique challenges of raising children and living out a Christian faith in New York City.

Even while I was a student at Geneva School, I knew that I was receiving an amazing education. But Geneva School did not just fill my head. It did something far better. It developed my entire personhood. Geneva School taught me that no matter what I accomplish, there is something more around the corner. It taught me to be content but also gave me hunger to be better. I owe a lot to Geneva School.”

Alexandra Kytka (‘14)

We partner with our entire community—parents, neighbors, alumni, and donors—to foster the best environment for our students.

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