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Geneva School is a community that inspires students to love God and love learning.

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Our approach blends the enduring elements of classical learning and the eternal message of Scripture within the context of a supportive and vibrant community. By nourishing the whole child—mind, soul, and heart—we seek to cultivate abundant growth in each student, both at Geneva School and far beyond.

Our Core Values

The best way to understand or learn about a topic is to experience, examine, evaluate, question, and even fail at it—this is fundamental to joyful discovery.

We are devoted to advancing language and reasoning skills by employing a time-proven classical pedagogy that aligns with the natural stages of child development. This purposeful training, led by Geneva School’s experienced faculty, instills wisdom and sparks an enduring love of learning.

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We believe that God is the Author and Creator of all things and that the Bible articulates God’s truth to humanity. At Geneva School students discover the world through the lens of biblical truth as a foundation for all of life’s pursuits.

We believe it is impossible to separate the soul from the mind and body and so seek to provide an academic environment where children strive to achieve their full God-given potential. The programs and activities at Geneva School are designed to foster the spiritual development of our students. We encourage students to ponder deep spiritual truths as they would any academic subject.

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We believe that a Christian community should reflect the multifaceted nature of God and endeavor toward the peace and prosperity of the city.

Our location in the heart of Manhattan is a gift, and we commit to wide-ranging diversity—in ethnicity, geography, faith practices, and socioeconomic backgrounds—to foster the fullest expression of human flourishing and the most complete picture of our Creator.

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We believe that deeply involved parents and guardians are one of our greatest assets and ensure the nurturing environment we desire for our students.

We partner with Christian families and value parental input and involvement. We affirm that educators and parents together promote students’ academic success while instilling a cohesive biblical perspective imperative to lifelong faith practices.

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We believe the ultimate goal of academic pursuits is to use one’s gifts for the glory of God and the good of others.

We aim to foster a community that showcases the fruit of the Spirit—love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control—so that Geneva School and its graduates are known for strength of character and acts of generosity.

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