Upper School

Upper School students sharpen their thinking and communication skills. 

Grades 6–12
Grade 12 beginning Fall 2024

In Upper School, students move through the logic and rhetoric phases of the classical model. In these stages, students begin to:

Because Upper School students’ capacity for abstract thought is maturing, this is the perfect age to introduce formal debate and logical reasoning. Students begin to think critically about the facts they have learned and work toward applying knowledge, historical context, and the fine points of logic. Using the Socratic method to engage students, teachers encourage debate and critical thinking. Through regular opportunities for public speaking and debate, students learn to listen and communicate well, a combination that fosters wisdom, goodwill, and civility. To this end, we seek to help students grow to be comfortable in their own skin and extend that comfort to others. Within this learning environment, students discover their own specific passions, talents, and potential.

Every single teacher brings enthusiasm for their discipline to the classroom, sparking imagination, wonder, and appreciation in students. The faculty regularly opens dialogue and investigation that has led our children down surprising pathways and new discoveries."
—Matthew H. (P’17, 19, 20, 29, 30)







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Our students are uniquely prepared to
thrive as leaders in scholarship, virtue, and faith.

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