Lower School

Lower School students grow in knowledge and character.

Grades K–5

In Lower School, students move through the grammar phase of the classical model. In this stage, students begin to:

Typically, children at this stage love to learn and memorize facts and information. The classical approach allows children to take advantage of this natural ability, learning through playful experiences, creative performances, and the memorization of facts through songs, rhymes and jingles. Geneva School students love to sing, dance, and clap out history timelines, science facts, Bible verses, and grammar rules, and in these ways they learn the core building blocks of all academic subjects Geneva School students learn to think critically, write clearly, and speak convincingly.

Geneva School has surpassed all our expectations academically. Every single teacher brings enthusiasm for their discipline to the classroom, sparking imagination, wonder, and appreciation in students for even their least favorite subjects. The faculty regularly opens dialogue and investigation that has led our children down surprising pathways and new discoveries.”

      Current Geneva School Parent


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