We are always interested in connecting with educators who are passionate about classical Christian education in New York City. We welcome you to consider any open positions listed below or send us your résumé to be considered for future openings.

Résumés and completed applications may be emailed here or sent to: The Geneva School of Manhattan, 138 W 90 St, New York, NY 10024.

Faculty Positions

Degree is required and experience is preferred. Starting salary $64,000-$80,000 based upon experience.

Upper School Classics (2024-2025)
Sixth to Twelfth Grade. Position could include teaching Ancient History, Latin, and other humanities courses. Proficiency with Latin required.

Lower School Teacher (2024-2025)
Lower elementary homeroom teacher. Singapore Math experience preferred.

Faculty Application

Staff Positions


Part-time or full-time; prior experience preferred. Hourly rate $15-$18 based upon experience.

Security Guard

Part-time or full-time; security guard certification preferred. Hourly rate $15-$20 based upon experience.

staff Application

The Geneva School of Manhattan faculty member exhibits integrity, leadership, and a passion for learning. He or she is a cultivator of knowledge, continues to grow in understanding of classical education, and is committed to lifelong excellence in and out of the classroom. As a professional, he or she seeks to uphold high academic standards and clearly communicates expectations to parents and students. A Geneva School faculty member encourages students to measure all knowledge against the standard of God’s revealed truth in Scripture.

The faculty or staff member is a disciple of Jesus Christ who models a love for God through obedience to his Word. He or she embraces the mission, vision, and purpose of the School while embodying integrity and professionalism in every area of life. He or she demonstrates a teachable spirit, an ability to share love for others, a willingness to live contentedly under authority, and a commitment to follow the Matthew 18 principle when an issue arises with fellow employees or management.

Our faculty and leadership are passionate about helping each student grow toward the fullness of who God created them to be.

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