Preschool lays the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

Ages 3-5

We believe the early years provide a rich opportunity to cultivate an enduring love of learning. In Preschool our youngest students are immersed in a nurturing, teacher-directed environment that integrates structured learning with creative play and freedom to explore.

Our teachers, pedagogy, and small class sizes combine to equip students with key academic competencies and preparation for Kindergarten. While the majority of our curriculum is taught in English, children learn French starting in Beginners, using the language approach of immersion and repetition that taught them their mother tongue. Shorter learning periods—interspersed with periods of music, physical playtime, learning centers, and outdoor exploration—allow our students to flourish emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Our Preschool gives students an extraordinary preparation for Lower School.

The Geneva Preschool program envelops our children in joy and love. At the tender ages of 3 and 4, my son mastered the fundamentals while simultaneously learning to show his friends love through respectful play; to know the joy and pride of making good choices; and to freely create in a place where he is cherished. He could have learned his ABCs, 1-2-3s, music, French, etc. many places, but the development of his heart is something truly magnificent and so beautifully integrated into his life at Geneva School. I am forever grateful for our partnership."
—Lucy G. (P'36)

Preschool Programs

Geneva School teacher showing how to count on your fingers to preschool girl

Age 3-4 years (AM or PM class)

The Beginners curriculum is designed specifically to inspire our very youngest students to love learning and thrive at school. With an early emphasis on play-based learning in a teacher-directed environment, children discover the joy of learning while gaining a new sense of independence. Class sizes are small and provide a nurturing environment of free play, discovery, song, outdoor play, and exposure to structured learning.


Language Arts

Discovery Time (Science)




Music and Rhythm


Sensory Motor Skills

Free Play

Social Development

Young Geneva School students smiling under streamers with teacher

Ages 4–5 years

Junior Kindergarten is a full, five-day-a-week program that includes a robust curriculum. Children dive into all subjects taught in the earlier preschool years on a much deeper level, adding formal physical education and chess classes. Junior Kindergarten students have begun blending sounds and are often fully reading. They also enjoy creative ways of learning through song and chants.


Language Arts

Math and Science



Visual Arts

Social Studies and Social Development

Physical Education



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