Christian Principles

A foundation of Christian faith invites souls to grow toward God.

Geneva School student praying and sitting in a pew

Christian faith shapes who we are and is interwoven into all areas of academic life.

At Geneva School the Bible is incorporated as the first book in our rich literature-based curriculum to provide opportunity for students to delight in "the law of the Lord" (Psalm 1:2) and to allow its truth to instruct their actions. Students participate in weekly Assembly that provides community to our School body and realigns our hearts to God's work in the world. Students also regularly engage in service and mission projects that expand their focus beyond the classroom and demonstrate love for neighbors (Mark 12:29–31). Within the established structure and routine of this spiritually sound and academically enriching environment, children have the freedom to exercise the full extent of their intellectual curiosity and to achieve the high standards set before them with enthusiasm and joy.

The Geneva School Statement of Faith grounds who we are and how we live in the world. Our faculty and parents affirm these beliefs, uniting us around a shared faith in Jesus Christ.

We are dedicated to providing an exceptional education that nourishes mind, soul, and heart to inspire students to grow abundantly.

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