COVID-19 Plan

Geneva School is committed to the safety and security of our students, families, faculty, and staff. We adhere to federal, state, and local recommendations and laws and seek advice from our pediatrician medical consultant where necessary. We are unwavering in our goal to provide a rich classical Christian education and to sustain the strength of our School community.

Two Geneva School girls wearing masks playing outside on playground

COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

On-Campus Safety Requirements

Travel-Related Self-Quarantine Requirements

COVID-19 Screening and Reporting

School Attendance and Closing

Distance Learning

  • Quarantine for 5 days.
  • Return to school if he/she is fever-free for 24 hours and symptoms are resolving. Mask for days 6-10.

If a student has a family member diagnosed with COVID:

  • Unvaccinated students quarantine for 5 days and return to school if symptom-free.
  • Vaccinated students may attend school if symptom-free and while masking for 10 days.

School closures will take place at the discretion of the Head of School, Division Heads, and the Board. We will follow State and local authorities and best practices from peer institutions. In the event School closes down, we will enter into Distance Learning for at least 10 days. School will reopen post investigation.
If a student has been diagnosed with COVID:

COVID has not robbed us of our pedagogical convictions. We still have the same amazing students and the same full-of-life classrooms with interactive, engaging lessons. The modifications we have made are simple. Students adapted to many of these modifications even before returning to school—wearing face coverings, keeping extra distance from friends, and regularly washing hands. Although we long to return to the days when students enter class without masks and can embrace their friends without hesitation, we are delighted that a joyful education is still possible."

Tessa Tiemann

Head of Preschool and Lower School

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