The Geneva Conservatory of Music

We believe that music enriches the educational experience by nourishing mind, soul, and heart.

The Geneva Conservatory of Music exists alongside The Geneva School of Manhattan to provide quality, classical music education to Geneva School students.

Founded in 2003 to provide additional depth to the rich tapestry of the Geneva School experience, The Geneva Conservatory of Music (GCM) is located within and works in accordance with the values, purpose, and mission of The Geneva School of Manhattan. This partnership provides an enriching environment where excellence, friendship, and service to others are reinforced.

Young girl playing piano on stage

Our Program

The Conservatory offers instruction in piano, violin, and voice to Geneva School students. Additionally, each student is placed in a music theory, Suzuki violin, or group violin class. Frequent public performances give students the opportunity to develop confidence and stage presence.

Private Lessons

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Our Values

Excellence: Our aim is to create well-rounded musicians who are proficient on their instruments and have a solid grasp of music theory and musicianship. Performance opportunities and access to professional performances reinforce a pursuit of excellence.

Community: Friendship, encouragement, and communication are the building blocks of our community. Each student is encouraged to develop his or her own creative ability while gaining an appreciation for the creative abilities of others.

Formation: Students flourish in an atmosphere that celebrates God-given creativity and inspires achievement. We desire for each child to grow not only in their musical abilities but also in the formation of their character and service to others.

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