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Geneva School is a community that inspires students to love God and love learning.

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Our approach blends the enduring elements of classical learning and the eternal message of Scripture within the context of a supportive and vibrant community. By nourishing the whole child—mind, soul, and heart—we seek to cultivate abundant growth in each student, both at Geneva School and far beyond.
Our Distinctives:
The best way to understand or learn about a topic is to experience, examine, evaluate, question, and even fail at it—this is what classical learning is all about.

At Geneva School the classical environment is teacher-directed yet highly participatory and interactive, fully engaging students with the content and with their fellow learners. The classical approach trains the mind to think and ignites a passion to learn. Because all knowledge is interrelated, connections are made between subjects, building coherence in the student’s mind. Mental agility is vital for adapting in an ever-changing world. We believe that the mastery of these tools of learning will serve our students for a lifetime, equipping them to tackle any topic of interest they undertake long after they step out of the classroom.

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We believe it is impossible to separate the soul from the mind and body and so seek to provide an academic environment where children strive to achieve their full God-given potential.

The programs and activities at Geneva School are designed to foster the spiritual development of our students. We encourage students to ponder deep spiritual truths as they would any academic subject. At Geneva School the Bible is incorporated as the first book in our rich literature-based curriculum to provide opportunity for students to delight in "the law of the Lord" (Psalm 1:2) and to allow its truth to instruct their actions. Students participate in weekly Assembly that provides community to our School body and realigns our hearts to God's work in the world. Students also regularly engage in service and mission projects that expand their focus beyond the classroom and demonstrate love for neighbors (Mark 12:29–31). Within the established structure and routine of this spiritually sound and academically enriching environment, children have the freedom to exercise the full extent of their intellectual curiosity and to achieve the high standards set before them with enthusiasm and joy.

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Geneva School is known for its vibrant community that exemplifies the diversity of New York City, a passion for excellence, and Christ-like love for one another.

We rely on the total community to exist and thrive. Geneva School families, faculty, administration, and Board members draw from many nations of origin, socioeconomic backgrounds, and church traditions. They all find common ground at Geneva School through a shared faith in Jesus Christ and a desire for rich learning experiences. Parents play a significant role in the Geneva School community, regularly participating in many areas of school life. We also work to cultivate community with our city neighbors through concerts, performances, and parent education events. Our philosophy of community involvement and parent commitment ensures a stable, nurturing environment for our students.

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