Welcome from the Head of School

At The Geneva School of Manhattan, we are dedicated to providing students with an exceptional education that inspires them to love God and love learning so that they grow abundantly. We are delighted that you are considering Geneva School and look forward to supporting you through the process of selecting the best learning environment for your child.

From earliest times the education of children has been considered not only a social obligation but also a spiritual mandate (Deuteronomy 6). Taking that mandate to heart, Geneva School was founded in 1996 with the goal of aligning the education of students with the truth of the Bible. That we have undertaken this goal in the largest, most influential, and secular of cities—although a daunting task—has made a difference in the lives of many.

Our students come to school every day with a love of learning. Our families find meaningful community in a global city. And our graduates, equipped with the underpinnings of both a classical and Christian education, have gone on to achieve at the highest academic levels.

With the goals of instilling a lifetime love of learning, nurturing Christ-centered character, and nourishing the mind, soul, and heart, Geneva School is truly unique. There is no other school like it in all of New York City! We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to this place where students are inspired to love learning, pursue excellence, and become leaders in scholarship, virtue, and faith.

Rim An Hinckley

Founder and Head of School

We are dedicated to providing an exceptional education that nourishes mind, soul, and heart to inspire students to grow abundantly.

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